Kroke – 1996 – Eden

01 – The Night In The Garden Of Eden
02 – Russian Sher
03 – Reb Dovidls Nign
04 – Sher
05 – The Secret Of The Life Tree
06 – Fun Tashlikh
07 – Jazz Tashlikh
08 – Der Ziser Bulgar [Moldavian Medley]
09 – Dafino Vino
10 – Eden

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Louis And Bebe Barron – Forbidden Planet (1956)

Forget about the movie (fun but dated). Think of the music as avant-garde classical electronic music (which it is). In that context, it is groundbreaking. Remember there were no sythesizers then so that working with bulky tape recorders and other sound generating devices took backbreaking work even to get one note out. Nowadays, you can purchase a virtual analog synth and get the same effects but you have to give credit to the people who pioneered it.

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Trailer de la pelicula

VA – Starflight Vol 1 (2002)

Starflight 1 is part of a series of multi-artist albums based on the music track of one of our weekly radio programs of Music From The Hearts Of Space. Starflight 1 launches a series of multi-artist compilations from the producers of the popular radio series, Music From The Hearts Of Space. An all-electronic journey into deep space, Starflight 1 creates the sensation of lifting off into a dream.

1. Carillon (Michael Amerlan)
2. Invisible Universe 1 (Tim Clark)
3. Invisible Universe 2 (Tim Clark)
4. Rings 3 (Tim Clark)
5. Halley’s 2 (Tim Clark)
6. Milky Way 1 (Tim Clark)
7. Milky Way 2 (Tim Clark)
8. Contemplative Ascent (Michael Amerlan)
9. The Other Side (Steve Roach and Kevin Braheny)
10. Quiet Friend (Steve Roach)

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Richard Burmer – On the third extreme (1988)

Born: September 19, 1955, Owosso, Michigan
Died: September 9, 2006 Saginaw, Michigan

Richard Burmer is an internationally-known and critically acclaimed composer/synthesist whose sonic excursions have graced the electronic music scene for almost two decades. His work with electronic music combined with musical styles and instruments from around the world has formed his own unique and distinct sound.

As a youth growing up in Michigan, he was introduced to the music of India, the Mid-East, contemporary orchestral composers, and electronic music. He found a wide pallet of musical textures with synthesizers, and the original sampler, the Mellotron. Influences also came from the Moody Blues, King Crimson, and Pink Floyd.

After spending time in college studying music theory and composition, Richard moved to Los Angeles where he became a sound designer for E-mu systems in Santa Cruz and engineer/synth programmer for EFX systems in Burbank. He also had the pleasure of working with Eleanor Academia, Kevin Braheny, Paul Delph, Bob Gaudio, Dan Hill, Michael Hoppe, Diana Hubbard, Hank Medress, Steve Roach, Jimmie Spheeris, Don Swanson and Tim Wheater.

Many of Richard’s compositions are featured on his solo albums titled “Mosaic”, “Bhakti Point”, “On the Third Extreme”, “Invention” and “Treasures in the Blood of Saints.” One of his contributions to American Gramaphone’s/Chip Davis’ “Day Parts” series became one of his most sought after tracks, “Across the View.”

His music can also be heard on television networks and video productions around the world and which won the 1994 Stemra Award for best use of music in TV for “Mechanical Witch” in Amsterdam.

1984 Mosaic
1987 Bhakti Point
1988 On the Third Extreme
1992 Invention
1995 Shining by the River
1996 Treasures of the Saints

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Kevin Braheny – Secret Room (1991)

Secret Rooms unveils Braheny’s expanded range as a composer. The brilliant “Shadowcatcher” and “‘Til You Get There” represent his first significant rhythmic explorations to date, with ethno-percussion specialist LEONICE SHINNEMAN. Other pieces extend and deepen his trademark warmth, depth, and unerring melodic appeal.

The theme of secret “internal rooms” – hidden emotions, psychic states, spaces in consciousness, each with an individual ambience and identity – conjures up a journey that, in Kevin’s words “is about experiencing the different spaces, and then using each experience to move on to the next.”

Secret Rooms confirms Braheny’s own ability to keep moving on – exploring, expressing, and evolving his singular talent in ever more significant and satisfying ways.

1. Passage 1: Ingress
2. Til You Get There
3. Passage 2
4. Shadowcatcher
5. Secret Rooms: Visited By Spirits
6. Passage 3
7. A Moment with You
8. Forgiveness
9. Saturn Ballet (for Andrea)
10. The Magus
11. Passage 5
12. Things Seen & Unseen
13. May Peace Prevail
14. Passage 6: Egress
15. Hard To Say Goodbye
16. Passage 7

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Kevin Braheny – Galaxies (1988)

The vistas of outer space, sonically evoked and evocative – vast, majestic, at once awesome and beckoning, otherworldly yet strangely familiar. Travel through musical starfields. Experience the Milky Way rising over the horizon of an alien world. Look back in time brought present by the ancient light of the eldest stars, eternal witnesses to all the happenings of time and space. And experience the emotions of the traveller. Exhilaration. Awesome.
Poignant nostalgia, both for home and for unimaginable vistas never to be seen again save in imagination. And a jazzy, joyful return at journey’s end.

1. Galaxies Main Theme
2. Starflight 1
3. Ancient Stars
4. Milky Way Rising
5. Galactic Sky
6. The Southern Cross
7. Starflight 2
8. The Pleaides
9. Starflight 3
10. Winds (Proxima Centauri)
11. Intergalactic Space
12. Ice Forest of Orion
13. Lookback Time
14. Going Home
15. Starflight 4
16. Down to Earth

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VA – Western Spaces (1987)

Western Spaces is a collaboration with two other well-regarded synthesists Kevin Braheny and Richard Burmer and is of a similarly high standard. Inspired by the desert wilderness of America’s south-west, these superb electro-acoustic nature paintings are as compelling and genuinely beautiful examples of environmental music as you’ll hear anywhere.

As the first artist to appear on iconic Californian label Hearts Of Space, Kevin Braheny’s cosmic impressionism became a defining influence on what many of the label’s early releases would generally sound like. The most distinguishing feature of Braheny’s best music is the Steiner EWI, a remarkable electronic woodwind instrument which in his gifted hands sounds as expressive and emotionally resonant as anything heard from its acoustic cousins.

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