One Year!

First birthday of Stigma Rest Room as a blog!!

I’ve been sharing music for years, in different P2P programs (Bearshare, Audiogalaxy, Filetopia, Soulseek, etc…), but I started to blog a rainy day (like today) one year ago.

Why Stigma ? Stigma has several meanings, it’s the femenine sexual organ… of plants!, it was a “mark” to recognize the master of a slave, the wounds of mystic religious people…

But today, the right definition of stigma is: the phenomenon whereby an individual with an attribute, which is deeply discredited by his/her society, is rejected as a result of the attribute.

I suffered many many times “that look” and “that voice” asking “whaaaat are you listening?”.

Now I know I’m not alone, there are lots of people that enjoy the same music I like.

Why Rest Room ? Why not ?

When I was a kid, the school restroom was a cool place. A place to hide, a place to smoke, a place to trade stuff. I must admit, a bit smelly, but what the heck! There were a lot of things happening there.

Why blogging? I must be grateful with all the people that shared music with me. And this is one of the ways to pay back what I have received.

I don’t want anything in return (except comments, of course). I tried forums, and other means of sharing, but you always needed user interaction. With a blog, I don’t need that. I’m only offering, showing people the music I like, and hoping users will enjoy it as much as I do.

Now I’m listening to some Ligeti piano music, the next one maybe some easy listening weirdo or some soundtrack or some moogy song. I will not hear these on the radio. But I don’t feel alone anymore.

I know I’m not a talkative blogger. I don’t like to make album reviews. I don’t know how to describe the feelings I have when I listen these music. I like it and I have a blog to let people to kow it.

Thanks for the support!

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