IBM 7090 Computer – 1962 – Music from Mathematics @320

01- Frere Jacques (Common round)
02- Fantasia (Orlando Gibbons)
03- Bicycle Built for Two (arranged by M. V. Mathews)
04- Molto Amoroso (J. R. Pierce)
05- Variations in Timbre and Attack (J. R. Pierce)
06- Stochatta (J. R. Pierce)
07- Five Against Seven-Random Canon (J. R. Pierce)
08- Beat Canon (J. R. Pierce)
09- Melodie (J. R. Pierce)
10- Numerology (M. V. Mathews)
11- The Second Law (M. V. Mathews)
12- May Carol (M. V. Mathews)
13- Theme and Variations (S. D. Speeth)
14- Study No. 1 (D. Lewin)
15- Study No. 2 (D. Lewin)
16- Pitch Variations (N. Guttman)
17- Noise Study (J. Tenny)
18- Joy to the World (M. V. Mathews)

67,14 MB


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