George Dalaras (Γιώργος Νταλάρας) and Goran Bregovic (Горан Бреговић) – 2001 – Me dyo papoutsia panina (with two canvas shoes)

01 – Sou Aksize Mia Kalyteri Agkali
02 – Ki An Se Thelo
03 – Me Lene Popi
04 – Ena Tragoudi Gia Tin Eleni F.
05 – Nychta
06 – To Tragoudi Tis Broxis
07 – Tis Agapis Sou To Risko
08 – Kerna Mas (Beligradi-Chania)
09 – Pou Na’sai Tora, Anna
10 – Martyra Ta (Lubenica)

58,99 MB

🙂 Sorry, but I have to post this videos aswell. It’s the same song in three different versions.

And finally the version by George Dalaras (Ki and se thelo)


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