Sofa Surfers – 2000 – Constructions [Remixed And Dubbed]

01 – If It Were Not For You [Remixed By Ian Simmonds]
02 – The Low Rider – The Long Rider [Messed Up By Sofa Surfers]
03 – Sofa Rockers [Refixed By Richard Dorfmeister]
04 – Beans & Rice Dub [Dubbed By Mad Professor feat. Singing Bird]
05 – Tse-Tse Fly [Regrooved By Hi Tek Steppas Meet The Demon Flowers Uptown – Demon Flowers And Makossa]
06 – Teig [Simply Written By Sofa Surfers]
07 – Container – The Low Rider Meltdown [Melted Down By Enduro – Flow Hackl And Hannes Cistota]
08 – Life In Malmo [Refunked By Mum – Stefan Jungmair And Paul Schneider]
09 – Guns & Bombs & Knives [Rhythmified By Eardrum – Lou Ciccotelli And Richard Olatunde Baker]
10 – Scissors Paper Stone Collage [Recovered By The Sons Of Silence – D. Mudford And J. Gardiner]
11 – Sweat [Rebuilt By Tom Tyler]
12 – Container [Resmoked By Howie B.]
13 – Walking Ghosts [Recreated By Jurgen Nussbaum At Uko.Lab]
14 – I Asked For Water [I Asked For A Remix From Another Planet] [Reduced And Jinxed By Spectre]

69,13 MB


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