Happy New Year !!!!

Well, well, well, 2008 is almost gone.

There were a lot of things happened this year, some bad, some good. But if one takes a look back and does it with “good eyes”, there were a lot of good things.

What a vertiginous year it was 2008!!!

I cannot make a list of all good things happen to me this year.

Certainly this was a year of changes, in any aspect this was a good year. I have met people whose friendship I want to keep for a long time. I managed to survive. I was able to run this blog with very good results (though the last two months it’s a bit idle while I resolve my communication problems), love… well.. it’s an easy come easy go, but I feel “butterflies in my stomach” with a couple of girls (maybe someday, anyway thanks for making me feel alive), I moved to a bigger house, with my parents, lost any trace of intimacy- Told you already I met very nice people whose friendship I’ll keep forever ? Told you already I was upset with spanish telefonica ?

There are four things I should print in bold letters:

Paloma, she helped me a lot to cross this sea of changes, and made me to wish to be a better person.

Cuisine, I spent most of my un-communicated time experimenting in the kitchen. I have managed to learn a lot of culinary techiques and learnt to bake cakes, bread, choux, biscuits, and enjoyed both the making and the eating-

Synths, I had enough time to spend with my synths and learn a lot about sound making. I promise myself to make a complete record for this new year. (My current equipment: Kurzweil K2000VP, Roland JP8080, Yamaha CS2x, Roland JX-305, Yamaha TG-77, Access Virus C, E-mu Emulator X)

AutoCad, I managed at work to spend a lot of time a programing AutoCad. I love it. There are a lot of things that can be achieved easily programing AutoCad with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), and there are a lot of tasks at work that can be easily done with good programming.

2009 WISHES:

LOVE, MONEY, SEX, INTERNET (not specially in the same order)

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