VA – 1961 – Wild! Stereo Drums

01 – Tri-Fi Drums (Stan Levy & The Billy May Orchestra)
02 – Bankkok Beat (Pepe Dominguin)
03 – Blue Rhumba (Pepe Dominguin)
04 – Drummer Boys (Felix Slatkin And The Drum Brigade)
05 – Ting Ting Ting (Les Baxter)
06 – Uncle Tom Tom (Les Baxter)
07 – Rocket Racket (Dick Harrell)
08 – Bongo Bash (Pepe Dominguin)
09 – Drivin Around The Block (Dick Harrell)

69,78 MB

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One Response to “VA – 1961 – Wild! Stereo Drums”

  1. Flaviola Says:

    Hello my friend, I’ve been trying to collect songs from this and Hi-Fi drums which I have but would love to find cleaner versions. “Tri-fi drums” &” Brushed off” is what I’m looking for-Any chance you could re-up this impossible to find gem?
    Biggest thanx!!

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