Sophya – 2003 – Dream

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Rhea’s Obsession – Re-Initiation (2001)

1. Memento Mori
2. Waves (Take Me Alive)
3. Cun Lacoudhir (The Breaking Ice)
4. Strategies of Movement
5. Death by Moonlight
6. Luft und Erde
7. Hymn to Pan
8. Tsunami
9. Mantra
10. Tsunami (Mudra Mix)
11. Ocean
12. Anxia
13. Breathe
14. Cun Lacoudhir (Haujobb Mudra Mix)

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Rhea’s Obsession – Between earth and sky (2000)

1. Too Deep
2. Mortal Ground
3. Spiritual Fear
4. Dreaming Blade
5. Nightshade
6. Mahakala
7. Between Earth and Sky
8. Spill Elixir
9. Matrika
10. Delusion
11. Breakthrough

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Robert Rich & Brian Lustmord – Stalker (1995)

This dark ambient album is inspired by the Tarkovsky film of the same name and has recently become something of a cult gem as well as being seen as something of a landmark ambient album in e-music circles. Robert Rich, he of slowly evolving, organic electronic pulses and world music, collaborates with Lustmord, he of doom, gloom and terrifying industrial dirges and together they’ve found a middle ground with this album which terrifies as much as it soothes. it’s a paradox of an album that somehow manages to be both spacious and claustrophobic, often at the same time, no doubt thanks to the fine balancing of these two polar opposites.

Ominous drones, grinds, wind instruments, echoes, alien noises and howls – all of which are seemingly played through molasses or in immense caverns – all mix together finely, perfectly balancing and counterbalancing each other. when things threaten to get very scary, poignant pan pipes (or what sounds like them) comes in to balance things. when things get quiet and relaxing, some alarming hisses or howls break the silence.

They’ve created a sonic journey quite akin to the aforementioned film. it’s an existentialist, inward looking experience full of sadness, terror and the unknown but always with beauty and magic to complement it. it’s not for the faint of heart but listen with patience (and an H.P. Lovecraft novel) and you’ll be greatly rewarded.

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Este album está inspirado en la pelicula Stalker, de Andrei Tarkovski. Dejo aq1uí un video con imagenes de la pelicula.

NOTA: La musica que se escucha en el video NO es de Robert Rich y Brian Lustmord. El album está inspirado en la pelicula, no al reves. Se trata de musica interpretada con duduk, un instrumento de armenio viento que tiene esa sonoridad tan cálida.